The tallest Waterfall in South East Asia Gunung Stong

Travel Guides:

Option 1

By car, from the junction town of Jeli on the East-West Highway, take the road south – 48 kilometers towards Kampong Jelawang. This tiny settlement may not appear on most map, most locals along the way can guide you to this famous landmark. After a third of the way, the Pergau river runs parallel on the left to join the Sungei Galas. The road passes through very sparsely populated area with riverside villages. Landmark at destination? This is an open land, a couple of shop houses, a Y junction and a big Waterfall in the hills on your right. From here on follow the signage!

Option 2

By car. – Reachable by road from the new Gua Musang/Kuala Krai Trunk Road. Head for Dabong, a 48 kilometers after a right turn off from the north bound Trunk Road. There an easy river crossing send passengers to the Jelawang side.

 Option 3

The easiest way. Reaching Stong long ago and for those who depends on public transport means taking an overnight train to stop in Dabong. This is a quaint township with almost no traffic and narrow roads.  You can reach the resort by moving or walking along beautifully paved “kampong” road for 5 kilometers.

Though not officially confirmed, reliable sources had claimed that the Stong Waterfall is about 270 meters tall, making it the tallest in South East Asia. [see below]



3 Responses to The tallest Waterfall in South East Asia Gunung Stong

  1. Mohd. Salleh says:

    Bagaimana hendak membuat tempahan chelet di Gunung Stong?

  2. bighuge90 says:

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  3. Sunrise at Jelawang Waterfall, Kelantan…

    I went on a nice hiking trip last week, to Jelawang Falls (aka Stong Falls) in the Gunung Stong State Park (GSSP) in Kelantan . It’s said to be the highest waterfall in SE Asia (apprx. 300m). In any case, there is an amazing view from the top, and w…

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