Kampung Experience

January 5, 2008

Kampung Experience

Kampung Experience

Savour the hospitality of a typical Kelantanese family by opting to stay with a family of your choice. This unique homestay programme enables you to get an insight into the culture and lifestyle of these simple folks. You can choose to be “adopted” by any of these: potter, fisherman, kite maker, batik manufacturer, silversmith, top-spinning craftsman. Get in touch with the Tourist Information Centre or your hotel receptionist who will be able to make the necessary arrangements.

Istana Jahar

January 5, 2008

Istana Jahar

Istana Jahar

Built in 1887 by Sultan Muhamad 11 for his grandson Long Kundur, this former palace, Istana Jahar, is now a museum. The intricate wood carvings are testimony to the superb craftsmanship of the Kelantanese. Photographs, artefacts and exhibits on Kelantan’s rich cultural heritage will keep visitors enthralled. Opening hours: 10.30 am – 5.45 pm daily except Fridays. Admission: RM2.00 Children: RM1.00

Istana Balai Besar

January 5, 2008

Istana Balai Besar

Istana Balai Besar

lstana Balai Besar This palace was built by Sultan Muhamad 11 in 1840 to replace his riverine palace on the Kelantan river. It now serves as the venue for ceremonial functions and investiture ceremonies.

Please note that Istana Balai Besar does not admit visitors.

Cultural Centre

January 5, 2008

Cultural Centre

Cultural Centre

Kelantan is hailed as the cultural haven of Malaysia. Located on Jalan Mahmud one block behind the museum, reached via either Jalan Sultan Ibrahim or Jalan Hospital which is close to the Perdana Hotel, the cultural centre or Gelanggang Seni is a place where Kelantan’s rich cultural heritage may be witness.

This is where you will get a first hand experience of some popular folk arts and favorite past times of the Kelantanese. You can enjoy the cultural performances and traditional games and pastimes handed down through generations. Wayang Kulit (shadow puppetry) shows, Silat (the Malay art of self defence) performances and Gasing (top spinning) displays are all available here.

Silat is an ancient Malay martial art, incorporating a lot of interestingly dramatic stances. This particular style of Silatis performed to the increasing tempo of the traditional drums and the wailing of the ‘serunai’.

You may watch Wau (giant kite) chase each other playfully in the azure sky. There are three main Wau shapes here, the famous Wau Bulan or moon kite, named for its crescent like tail shape, the Wau Jala Budi or women kite,

which takes on the curves of a women, and the Wau Burung Puyuh, the barred busted quail kite. Each Wau is designed according to its own set of elaborate motifs, adhering to the traditonal style of artwork expected of each design. It is accompanied by a hummer, which produces various buzzing and purring sounds when soaring upon the wind. But apart from creating the kite, one must be able to set the kite to flight.

Cultural Centre

You may also see tops the size of dinner plates spin rantically for hours and listen to the rich resonant of the Rebana Ubi (drums). The fun goes on even though the sun has set.

In the evenings, there will be cultural performances featuring traditional Malay music while the shadow play will be the highlight of the evening. The cultural performances such as the mak yong, wayang kulit and main puteri take centrestage.

Cultural Centre

The Wayang Kulit or shadow play, is an old form of storytelling, originating in the country some 250 years ago. This theatrical entertainment seems to possess strong roots in Javanese and Hindu tradition.

The Wayang Kulit is an exciting play of lightd, the master puppeteer, or ‘Tok Wayang’ sits behind the back lit semi transparent screen, animating his characters, each carved intricately upon buffalo and goat parchments. These characters have swiveling arms, which allow them to express themselves through their dramatic hand actions.

The Tok Wayang modulates his voice, weaving between characters, and giving birth to a myriad of captivating personalities. The silhouettes float across the screen, telling the stories told so many yeras ago, each time enchantingthe audience, transporting them to the kingdoms of old.

Mak yong, mounted on Saturday night, are enced by Thai tradition and providing a fine balance between singing, dancing, romance and comedy – colorful enough for outsides, though hardly fast-moving. The tok dalang manipulates the puppets (made from buffalo hide and mounted on rattan sticks) and modulates his voice to create drama and suspense.
Despite a growing tendency towards commercialism, with souvenir stalls and performers wearing logo T-shirts, a visit to the center is still the easiest way to see many of the arts that are dying out elsewhere in Malaysia, and the standard is consistently high. As you enjoy the countless hours of local entertainment, remember that you won’t get the same myriad of pleasures anywhere else in the country. Demonstrations are held daily.

Cultural Centre

The cultural centre is open three times a week from March to October each year except during Ramadan (check with the Tourist Information Center for detail). It will also be closed during the months of November and December. Show Times: 3.30 pm – 5.30 pm (Sat, Mon & Wed) and 9.00 pm – 10.30 pm (Sat & Wed). Admission is Free.

Batik Factory

January 5, 2008

Batik Factory

Batik Factory

Batik Printing is indigenous to Kelantan. In the past, basic cotton materials were printed using the stamp block method. Now much more sophisticated methods are used on a variety of materials, both for attire and as wall hangings.

A visit to the factory will gives an insight into the entire process of batik printing. Some of the bigger factories are at Kampung Puteh, Kubor Kuda and Kampung Badang.

Opening hours : 8.30am-5.30 pm daily (except Fridays)

Hotel Perdana

January 5, 2008
Hotel Perdana

Hotel Perdana
Hotel Perdana
Kota Bharu, Kelantan

Hotel Perdana is Kelantan’s best known premier hotel  that offer the very best of both worlds: business and pleasure. Strategically located in the heart of town, Hotel Perdana stands just next to the State Cultural Center and Sultan Muhammad IV Stadium and easily accessible within and outside Kota Bharu town limit. A leisurely 45 minutes drive leads you to the border of Thailand. From its establishment as the first 4-STAR hotel in Kelantan on 4 January 1980, Hotel Perdana is committed to provide exceptional hospitality service and product offerings. Our customer service is driven totally by our customers’ requirements and our staffs are trained to give you the sweet memories of Hotel Perdana.

Hotel Perdana
Hotel Perdana

Relax in our guest’s rooms and suites, the luxuriously designed Perdana Suite, Executive Suite or the more affordable Superior or Deluxe rooms. Each and every 178 well-appointed rooms featuring as follows:

  • Individually controlled air conditioning
  • In house movies and colour TV
  • IDD telephone
  • Tea/coffee making facilities
  • Hair dryer
  • Mini fridge
  • Private bath

Types of Room

Perdana Suite (facing pool) – 1
Executive Suite (facing pool) – 7
Deluxe Room (facing pool, road) – 65

  • King size bed and Twin bed
    Superior Room (facing building/kampung) – 54
  • King size bed and Twin bed
    Anggerik – triple (facing building) – 24
  • Queen size bed and Single bed
    Cempaka – quadraple (facing pool) – 27
  • Two Queen Size bed
  • Hotel Perdana
    Hotel Perdana
    Hotel Perdana

    Food & Beverage:

    Cerana Coffee House
    Savour exquisite but truly authentic Kelantanese delicacies as well as Western’s delights in this casually elegant and relaxed caf�. Enjoy a cocktail and a snack at the Poolside Terrace while you let the sun pamper you with its tropical warmth. You’ll be tantalized by an array of local and western cuisine from the buffet or a la carte menu.

    Golden Jade Chinese Restaurant
    Try our sumptuous meals at our superb halal Golden Jade Chinese Restaurant exquisite prepared by our chefs. If you prefer a quite and private atmosphere, our room service is ready on the line 2 to take your order right to your room.

    Enjoy your meal at your own room with full privacy.
    Business hour from 7.00 a.m – 2.00 a.m.


    Hotel Perdana
    Hotel Perdana

    Banquet and Meeting

    A comprehensive banquet facility for small parties up to 1000 delegates are available in Hotel Perdana. An expert team of dedicated staff is ready to organize and attend to your every need for your most successful event ever. Modern audio visual equipment is available including:

    • PA System
    • Slide Projector Screen
    • Overhead Projector and Screen
    • Tape recorder or cassette
    • Video Player
    • TV
    • Flip Charts
    • White Boards
    • Rostrum

    Our function room unable the following setup:

    • Ballroom : Dewan Bunga Tanjung
    • Convention Hall : Dewan Bunga Emas
    • Meeting Rooms : Kijang Rooms 1,2 & 3 Board Room
    • Catering from 10 to 900 people with up to date visual aids

    Meeting Facilities:

    • Slide Projector
    • Overhead Projector (extra)
    • Tape recorder or cassette
    • Video Player
    • Television
    • Microphone

    Floral Arrangement:

    • Long centrepiece (small, medium, large)
    • Round arrangement
    • Corsage


    • Ice carving (per piece)
    • Styrofoam backdrop

    Seating Capacity

    hotel perdana

    Sports Centre

    Hotel Perdana
    Hotel Perdana
    Hotel Perdana


    • One (1) high quality court
    • Large open space
    • Renting of racket is available


    • Two (2) tennis courts equipped with light
    • High quality roof top tennis court available in East Coast.
    • Renting racket is available.


    • Four (4) courts with glass-back section
    • Approved by Kelantan Squash Association
    • Air-conditioned
    • Trained instructors are provided
    • Renting of racket is available.

    Table Tennis

    • One (1) portable table tennis facility
    • Available upon reservation


    • Equipped with 16 computerized alleys – model 80-92XL produced by AMF
    • Accommodate 96 bowlers at one time
    • Open 7 days a week, 10 am to 12 midnight

    Health Centre

    Hotel Perdana
    Hotel Perdana
    Hotel Perdana
    Hotel Perdana


    • Equip with all gym facilities
    • One (1) unit Multi-Station
    • Complete portable gym equipment
    • Ample space for training
    • Equipped with modern audio system
    • Two (2) instructors available


    • Accommodate up to 10 persons at one time
    • Separate rest room and changing room
    • Towels are provided
    • Locker and other facilities


    • Accommodate up to 10 persons at one time
    • Separate rest room and changing room
    • Towels are provided
    • Locker and other facilities


    • Accommodate up to 40 persons
    • Four (4) trained instructors
    • Four (4) designated sessions per week

    Tae Kwon Do

    • Open to all ages
    • Two (2) trained instructors available
    • Two (2) designated sessions per week
    • Belt grading test is held every 3 months
    Hotel Perdana
    Hotel Perdana

    Other Facilities

    • Swimming Pool
    • Butik Shop
    • Car Rental
    • Travel Agent
    • 5 minutes walk to General Hospital and Hospital Pakar Perdana
    • 3 minutes walk to medan usahawan and Gelanggang Seni
    • 5 – 10 minutes walk to Tourist Centre


    Hotel Perdana Sdn. Bhd.
    Jalan Mahmood, P.O. Box 222, 15720 Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Malaysia.

    Wakaf Che Yeh

    January 5, 2008

     Wakaf Che Yeh along Jalan Kuala Krai in Kota Bharu is a favourite shopping destination in Kelantan and attracts people from all over. This place is actually a huge 24-hour market, which is more active at night when traders set up numerous stalls selling unusual local food, exotic tropical fruits, cheap clothes, second hand goods as well as fresh product.

    A scene at Wakaf Che Yeh Shopping HeavenWhile most parts of Kelantan turn quiet and mild as it approaches the evenings, Wakaf Che Yeh, or Che Yeh Market, in Jalan Kuala Krai, Kota Bharu, bustles 24-hours a day.

    This open-air trading area, occupying about a quarter acre, is the stage for Kelantan commerce. As the day unfolds, traders enter and exit like actors in a play, changing the scene from a wholesale market to a wet market and finally to a typical local night market.

    In the early hours of the morning, wholesale traders assemble their goods along the road, under the glare of fluorescent lights. Huge baskets, bursting with colour and aroma are set on the ground, offering all kinds of vegetables and every imaginable spice. Everything is sold in bulk at incredible wholesale prices. The atmosphere is almost surreal as traders and buyers go about the process of buying and selling under the cloak of the night and a million stars.

    In the later hours of the morning, another set of traders enters the arena turning the whole place into a busy wet market. Fishermen with the morning’s catch and butchers with fresh, prime meat gather to make a sale. Scales are brought out, cleavers are sharpened, and blood, inevitably, spills. The locals shop here for the best cuts and freshest seafood – poultry, beef, fish, clams, squids.

    In the evening, the scene changes yet again. Trestle tables are set up within inches of each other, leaving only a narrow lane for shoppers to negotiate their way through. Stools and plastic tables are brought out, the gas stove is fired up and food is served. Music, and sometimes dikir barat tunes, blares from speakers while fairy lights twinkle in rhythm, signaling the start of the pasar malam or night market.

    This outdoor “shopping mall” has something for everyone. Local Kelantan food and desserts for the hungry; perfumes, shoes and clothes for the fashionable; music CDs, video CDs and even stereo systems for fans of entertainment; vegetables and fruits for the cook; traditional medicines for the weary; jewellery (including gold and gemstones) for the indulgent; and the charged, electric atmosphere for those who cannot afford anything.

    This is Wakaf Che Yeh at its busiest. The narrow lanes are crammed full with tourists bargaining for souvenirs and locals shopping for groceries. It’s the perfect place to practice a little Kelantanese and catch some local action till the wee hours of the morning when the whole scenario repeats itself with the arrival of the wholesalers and their huge baskets of goods.